The concept of function within a function, like we normally do inside a class.

We will create a method GetName() .

The code will look like the following.

static void Main(string[] args)  {     Console.WriteLine("Name is: " + GetName());  }  public static string GetName()  {    return "Name";  }  

Next, we need to add more , will create Function called GetFullName() , will call 2 methods GetFName() and GetLName. 

This result will be added to the GetFullName() and the complete result will be returned.


The main point here is that if we create a public method to concate our string togather, it will be globally available. If we create a private method, the method will be available to other methods as well, which is not required. So, what we will do is create the method as a sub-method within the GetFullName function. This will be created like any other normal function. So, the code will look like the following.

namespace ConsoleApplication1  {      class Program      {          static void Main(string[] args)          {              Console.WriteLine("Full Name is: " + GetFullName());          }          public static string GetFullName()          {              var FullName= GetFName() + " " +GetLName();                return FullName;                          string GetFName()              {                  return "First Name";              }              string GetLName()              {                  return "Last Name";              }          }      }  

 we have created another two methods GetFName() and  GetLName() within a function to return FullName().