In this Article will talk about SQL Server, how to connect to SQL Server Live Database.

but this time will not .NET or Microsoft Tools to read or write andy data from our database.

Today will be Android Application.

will use Android Studio 2.3.3 or Higher for this Application.

So, how to connect to SQL database, its very simple not simple same as, .NET

maybe SOAP package will make it easy. 

Our Project will be Login  Application.

will content 2 parts :

1- ASP.NET Web Service.

  Youtube Link  GitHub Project . 

In this article, I'm not going to talk about Web Service.

2- Android Application, How to Login with Email and Password with Live SQL Database. 

 Youtube Link    GitHub Project 1 .  GitHub 2

Will have  2 Activities and Layouts. 

1- Main Activity or Home Activity this will be opened if the result of login True.

2* Login Activity, this one will have 2 EditText for Email and Password,

and sure one Button For Sign In. 

Let's Start our Android Application with creating a new project.

New Project

- Choose a name for your project.

-  Will Generate New Empty Activity and Layout.

So, this one will Be Home Activity as I mention it will open if the Email and Password True.

You can create any Text View and write in it Welcome or Hello World :).

-Let's create one more Activity and call it Login Activity, this will be for the main job.



part 2