Welcome again, with Android SQL Server Web Service Connection.

In the last Article we stopped with many errors, I know that, don't worry again.

its just because of SOAP package, you need to include it to your project.

Just Change your Android Studio to Project and go to 

Your Application Name >App >Libs.... 

Just past SOAP package to this path.

after again page to Android.

Until now still you have same errors still, you need to add SOAP package to your Gradle

Gradle Scripts >build.gradle(Module: app)

just add this line(there is one more way to add but use this for now) :

compile files('libs/ksoap2.jar') 

The last thing you need to do is, add this code to Main Activity.



Now, We can say you can run your App.

Be happy,

 if you find any error just post it on the comment or text me to my facebook page.


Source Code: you can find it, in my GitHub Account.

Youtube Video on My Channel.