In this article will write about Grid, there are too many Grid tools you can find.

but what exactly we want from Grid to display, features and how to code it or work with it from coding side.

Sure everybody tries to find the useful tool and easy with coding.

So, I found one easy to work with from coding side and too many features, help your page to be good and easy.

FancyGrid, I found it on Twitter.


When I checked the website, I was shocked.

Why ? I will not tell you that 

let's try together to dig up in it, with ASp.NET MVC Application.

First Step, Create new ASP.NET MVC Application.

Follow the Photos.


Choose MVC,


So, Now we need data to send it to our HTML page and display it on FancyGrid.

First, we need to create new Class in Models folder and call it Student.


Next Step, Create Folder Call it Services will put inside it,

a new class (IStudent class).



After Create our Interface, we need to create Repository Folder with StudentRepository class.

In StudentRepository Class, I have fake data just to show you how it will be in our HTML page.

sure you can Use data from your SQL Server database, using Entry Framework.