Problem Based Learning (PBL)

Traditional learning methods such as an independent study and classical way to learn in class, it does not give students motivations to study widely. However, a good activity method to engage students to work in teams using the Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach, is better than memorizing the information to learn and apply it to solve a problem. It seems that Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach can result increasing in students’ motivation. This essay will examine the features which make Problem Based Learning (PBL) successful and how PBL could impact on the computer science course.

     Firstly, one of the most important features of PBL is to motivate students to work together in groups to the solve problems. Meanwhile, students can share their knowledge with other students in the same group or different groups, this will result felling the gap between the students. For example, William (2010) study, by comparing the performance of the 'Chemical Principal' student's test, from the same period with final test marks between 2004 to 2007, by reducing the number of lectures and increasing the number on PBL, by analyzing the result of the comparison found the focusing on PBL made a positive effect on the student performance. (William et al, 2010) Therefore, students can be engaged with other students from different disciplines not only the same subject they are studying, this gives students chance to build them communicate and personal skills.

      Secondly, applying PBL in the computer science gives students great opportunity to work and communicate with other students in the same group or different group. And at the same, it's great chance to improve their communications skills to be prepared for their future career. For instances, in order to solve problems in computer science, students working together to identify and solve an algorithmically problem in Artificial intelligence course, to give the best solution students need to work in groups to compare many lines of code and choose faster and easier algorithm to solve the problems without making efforts on the CPU. So, the conclusion from our explanation PBL made successful ways by encouraging computer science students to work together in groups to solve and reach the optimized solution for Artificial intelligence algorithmic problem.

      This essay has described the features of Problem based learning (PBL) and discuss the possibility to apply PBL on Computer Science course. To sum up, by applying PBL on the first academic year can help students to make friends, in the hardest year give them chance to socializes, this benefit in improving their study and the future career (William,2010). As a consequence, PBL teaching method can be used in all disciplines, to improve the student ability to learn.



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